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Not to Worry

Lyrics to Not to Worry

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Not to worry

Never mind
Life will fix it every time
Give a balance
Fill a need
Bring a flower,
From a seed
Hold your head up,
Raise your chin
It wasn’t you
Who invented sin
Shake your shoulders, do a dance
The time is come
A quarter turn
Is clearer now
The lessons learn
And time will tell,
And fires burn
Not to worry,
Fill your head
Think of other things instead
Not to worry
Skies are blue
And everything
Imagine, is you

The time is come
A quarter turn
It’s clearer now
Lessons learned
And time will tell
And fires burn
Not to worry
Wear a smile
There be changes after awhile
Now to worry dreams come true
â??cause everything imagine, is you
Everything imagine is youuuuuu—“Not to Worry” as written by Abbey LincolnLyrics © BUG MUSICLyrics powerd by LyricFind

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Not to Worry Lyrics
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