Alecia Nugent Hillbilly Goddess Lyrics

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Hillbilly Goddess

Lyrics to Hillbilly Goddess

He met her at a tractor pull just a year ago in May,
Pony tail and John Deere cap no makeup on her face,
She turned and smilesd and winked at him she knew he liked her style,

A few months down a country road they were walking down the isle
They moved into a double wide in back of daddys farm,


When it comes to snobs like Martha Stewart she dont give a darn
She aint afaid to make a bed sheet curtain part of her decor
Because to him it looks like paradise when he walks through the door
She dont care about the South of France or a bottle of champigne
Shes just as happy drining punch in Paris, Tennessee,
That diamond ring upon her hand is kind of small and lost,
She may not be a glamour queen her life is full is simple dreams to him she is his everything his hillbilly goddess,
To her a day of shopping aint a blessing its a curse,
Instead of Dulche and Gabana Smith and Weston is in her purse,
She dont no fancy restruants the girl knows how to cook,
The only use she’s got for suchi is baiting up a hook,
To him she looks live Venus in her camoflauge pajamas,
Thinks she deverves a monument in Athens Alabama
Brads got Angelina but to him he has got the hottest,
This country girls no glamour queen her life is full of simple dreams to him she is his everything this hillbilly goddess

Hillbilly Goddess Lyrics
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