Alecia Nugent Letter From Home Lyrics

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Letter From Home

Lyrics to Letter From Home

A letter from home came this morning
And each line on that handwritten page
Drew a picture of life in Louisiana

And just how long that I’ve been away

Dear daughter, we love you and miss you
So I thought I would drop you a line
Just to tell you how we long to see you
And to say that we’re doing just fine

I don’t know all the people who’ve told me
That they’ve stayed up way past their bedtime
Just to see you, sing and play in California
On the TV last Saturday night


Your Dad heard your song in New Orleans
And he told me that he felt so proud
That he pulled alongside of the highway
And he turned up that radio loud

Are you taking good care of yourself, dear
Are those city folks treating you well
If you need anything you can call us
We love you more than just words could ever tell

I remember when you were just a baby
The best years that we’ve ever had
Until they’re gone we’ll forever remember
Love always, your Momma and Dad
Love always, your Momma and Dad

Letter From Home Lyrics
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