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Little Bird

Lyrics to Little Bird

(Emmylou Harris/Kate McGarrigle/Anna McGarrigle)

If I had a bird a little bird

I would teach that bird to sing your name
Prettiest song that you have ever heard

And your indifferent heart I will claim

So be off my little bird
Fly away, fly away
And when my love you see
Only then my little bird
Cry away, cry away and bring that heart to me


If I had a moon in the sky
I would light the world and pull the tide
And when the moon is full like my heart
It will surely pull you to my side
But in the darkest night I pine away
Pine away until your face I see
So throw your light my lovely moon
Shine away, shine away and pull his heart to me ”

If l had a wagon made of gold
Pretty painted horses numbered four
With a silver harness I would hitch them up
And drive that wagon to your door
And if my hand you choose to hold
Ride away, ride away with the pretty horses four
But darlin’ if you heart’s still cold
Hide away, hide away ril trouble you no more
Trouble you no more

Little Bird Lyrics
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