Frankie Valli ~ Toy Soldier Lyrics

Frankie Valli Song

Toy Soldier

Lyrics to Toy Soldier

Toy soldier, poor boy(1,2: Doesn’t know he’ll wind up like a broken toy] [3: Gonna come home to be broken like a toy]

[1,2: A 3: F, to coda]

(Broken toy, huh! like a broken toy)


Verse 1:
A lonely soldier needs his girl
But he’s halfway ’round the world
If he knew the truth he’d hurt
‘Cause his girl’s become a flirt
‘Round the town they say toy

[repeat chorus]

Verse 2: Oh how he dreams of his return
And the coming home he earned
All his dreamin’ was a waste
There’s a new face in his place
She ain’t waiting for you

Toy Soldier Lyrics
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