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Lyrics to Cowboy

well its true he’s always been a travelerthe kind a woman never tries to ropemaybe he never really loved me

the truth is, i didn’t want to knowoh, ’cause that just would have made it harder

to find a smile when it was time to let him go

maybe he wants to be a cowboy
lord, i know how much he loves to roam
and i can’t say that i really blame him
oh, but someday, even cowboys go home
and i’d save all my letters
if i ever sent them, he’d see
that’s the hardest that i’ve ever
tried not to let somebody love me


maybe if he knew all my secrets
maybe he could write another song
sure it might be a sad story
but maybe with the ending that i wanted all along
because i’ve saved all my pennies for the well
it was just my wishes that were wrong

maybe i’m just wasting time living life all alone
but one thing i know, hearts don’t break on their own
thats why we keep wandering down this road

Cowboy Lyrics
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