Jessica Harp Sound Of Goodbye Lyrics

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Sound Of Goodbye

Lyrics to Sound Of Goodbye

I’m sitting here easing my mind
One last look around
One look to remind

Before I resign
Oh yeah

Now I can sleep, now I can breathe
My mind’s made up
I’m setting you free
Grabbing my keys
Oh yeah

Oh I’m gonna step into my car
I’m just gonna drive
Got no place to see
No need to imply
Do you hear the sound of goodbye
No slamming doors
No reasons why
Not gonna explain
Not gonna justify
Do you hear the sound of goodybe


I won’t miss you, my dandelion baby
I loved to kiss you
But you made me crazy
With your lies
Oh yeah

I’ll leave on a light, I’ll leave you some things
To remind you of us
To remind you of me
Just no room to plead
Oh yeah


Oh, the sound of goodbye…

Sound Of Goodbye Lyrics
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