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Up In Flames

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C&P 2001 Jessica Harp
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I’m sorry I haven’t called you back

It’s just easier that way
I’m sorry I just got up and left like that
Staying was too high a price to pay

I’m sorry I pretend that you’re not there
When we’re out with all of our friends
But most of all I’m sorry that I layed down
In the most complicated of beds


Chorus: And I’m sorry that you had to break my heart
You just had to go and ruin everything
And I’m sorry that I let you make me cry
That’s not a song I like to sing
And I’m sorry that now you want to make amends
Baby I’m not up to your games
Because the last time I gave you my heart
You sent it up in flames

I’m sorry if I come across like I don’t care
That’s just what I do
I’m sorry if I make you just a bit uncomfortable
You know I think the world of you


I’m sorry if I tried to burden your soul
I just wanted you to know how I feel
But most of all I’m sorry if this whole situation
Was just a little bit too real


Up In Flames Lyrics
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