Katie Armiger Black And White Lyrics


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Black And White

Lyrics to Black And White

It’s so hard to understand
Should I go, or stay with him tonight
I can’t decide

Some days he’ll criticize
But he won’t apologize

For what he did wrong

Just when I thought I’d made up my mind
He goes and does something right
Sometimes love it makes you blind
Wish it was as simple as black and white
Black and white


I don’t want to be that girl
Who’s comfortable
And can’t ever be alone
I just want to be in love
The way that I dreamed of
When I was a little girl


Want to be hand in hand
Walking two by two
So in love, so brand new
But here I am, full of doubt
I just gotta figure out
Should I stay or should I go
Finally have to choose
Either way I lose


Black And White Lyrics
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