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Lyrics to Bleed

There’s only so much of a person that you can take apart
You already shattered me, not even left of my heart
Now I’m dyin on your doorstep and you’re watching me crawl

And I don’t wanna be caught here where it’s never your fault

So I’ve given you all of me and now you’re leavin me to bleed
Oooooh Ohhhh OOhhhhh


You’ve broken all of me, and now you’re scattering the parts
It’s obvious that you don’t care, You’re love wasn’t ever really there
I’m not gonna stand around here when you’re already gone
And I’m tired of listening, excuses go on and on


It was never about me, It was always about what you could be
Now that you left I’ve realized that you were just a love in disguise

Given you all of me and I’m not gonna sit here and bleed
Noooo Oohhhh Oohhh

Bleed Lyrics
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