Katie Armiger I’m Free Lyrics


Katie Armiger Song

I’m Free

Lyrics to I’m Free

You can whisper softly in my ear
But that don’t mean I’m listening
I just tell you what you wanna hear

Look down on me and criticize
It’s so easy to do from up on high

But there’s more to me than you know

I’m Free, free
Like a raging wild fire, through the trees
I’m not yours, I won’t be ignored
It’s my life no matter how you try
You can’t control me
I’m free


Your words fall down like broken glass
You go on and on about this or that
You can’t hurt me, you’re powerless
Shut your mouth, save your breath
I’m miles away, you don’t know it yet

Just keep on I’ll always be


So keep on thinking that you’ve won
I’ll be stronger when it’s all said and done


I’m Free Lyrics
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