Kelita Naked Soul Lyrics

Kelita Song

Naked Soul

Lyrics to Naked Soul

She is coming out of hidingShe is strong but insecureHaunted by the ghosts that taunt her

Ones that never disappearShe is taking off her armour

Heart of steel and shield of stone
And the only mask she’ll don tonight
Will be her naked soul


She is crying out for mercy
For forgiveness from herself
Oh she never meant to wound them
Those who held on to her trust
She admits she’s guilty
But as she prayers God make me whole
She can feel the love begin
To heal her naked soul

There are so many lost
Who keep a hiding place
Where guilt and shame are born
And secrets love to nest
But there is nothing that is stronger
Stronger than the love she’s known
When she lets the truth within
Shine through her naked soul

Naked Soul Lyrics
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