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Power 2 Change

Lyrics to Power 2 Change

Are you running, are you hidingAnd still not sure what fromSo depleted, self-defeated

Can’t accept the love of anyoneWell there’s an answer, to your longings

And a hope to ease the pain
You can find new life in Jesus

The power to change, the freedom within
A place in the heart for truth to begin
A love that unlocks the door
From a world of people searching in vain
There’s no greater gift Jesus gives
The power to change


So secure in all you’ve dreamed of;
They think you’ve got it made
Have it all but still have nothing
Climbed the ladder to become a slave
Is there a longing for an answer
And a hope beyond the pain
You can find new wealth in Jesus name.

Life can leave you lonely
Only He can set you free

Power 2 Change Lyrics
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