Kelita Save This Girl Lyrics

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Save This Girl

Lyrics to Save This Girl

I’m still wearing these worn out shoesThese old jeans are far from newMy beat up jacket’s from the Sally Ann

The shirt belongs to an old boyfriend

This old car still gets me around
Ain’t far to go in this nowhere town
Yesterday’s news doesn’t come around here
There’s nothing new about this frontier


Somebody save this girl
Save me from my life
I crave new attitude
I long for paradise
I hunger for the love
My heart can’t wait to give
Somebody save this girl

Give me new life to live
I’ve got big dreams and a heart that’s strong
I’ve been holding these back for way too long
I’m a well kept secret until today
Tonight I’ll make my getaway

Gonna cash in all the falling stars
That I’ve ever seen
Where I’m goin’ can’t be harder
Than where I’ve been

Save This Girl Lyrics
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