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Unusual Child

Lyrics to Unusual Child

Sun up and he?d be goneOn a leather strap around his neckHe wore a white bull horn.

He would be an Indian for a dayRiding bareback on the range

He called himself Cochise
But Jimmy was his name.

He was a western James Dean
He was a rebel he played wild
He was the first born in my family of five
He was a most unusual,
Most unusual
Unusual child.


There was Frankie and there was Billy
Oh but Jimmy was my favourite one
Seems rather strange to me
When I think of what he?d done.
So many times I wonder
What Jimmy was all about
He was sweet, he was crazy
And he was inside out.

Jimmy knew he?d die young
There wasn?t anything he wouldn?t try
One night he tried too hard
Goodbye Jimmy,

Unusual Child Lyrics
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